Save with Superpop

Choosing the correct cleaning supplies will not only save you money but will make your establishment a place where you can happily anticipate inspections from local authorities. If products are of inferior quality then in most cases you are just purchasing watered down chemicals that will not do the job. Our major chemical supplier is Ecolab – a world renowned supplier of the best cleaning chemicals.

Large distribution network

Not only will you save money by purchasing full strength cleaning supplies, our conveniently located warehouses mean that transport costs are kept to a minimum which in turn are passed on via reduced prices.

Our range of products will also assist managers in making sure that all areas in store are kept spotless & that there can be a comprehensive plan re food safety. We encourage managers to use different coloured mop buckets & mops for different areas such as toilets & customer serving areas. It makes sense doesn’t it? Well we have a variety of coloured materials & tools to make your life easier.

And finally we complement our local suppliers with special purchases from overseas where we can offer great prices for those everyday items such as toilet paper & latex gloves. You might just be very surprised at how much money you can save on these basic items.

If you do nothing else contact us for a quote on toilet paper.